If many of your out-of-town weddings guests are visiting Tel Aviv for the first time, the demand for local hot spots and trendy restaurants are sure to start flowing in. Lucky for you, Tel Aviv is city known for its amalgamation of international cuisine in addition to the local Mediterranean fare. Here is our list of the best Tel Aviv restaurants and recommended eateries ready to satisfy your guests, whether they’re looking for an evening of fine dining or just a latte at a local café.


Delicatessen Yehuda HaLevi 79

Delicatessen is a combination gourmet market and café with delicious brunch dishes like croquet madam and fresh eggs with bacon.

Delicatessen Tel Aviv Restaurant


Port Sa’id – Har Sinai 5

This no-reservations hot spot is a favorite among Tel Aviv locals due to its laid back vibe and great menu. The friendly staff serves delicious small plates with locally sourced ingredients, and great wines and cocktails.

Port said Tel Aviv Restaurant
Rothschild 12 – Rothschild Boulevard 12

Rothschild 12’s sidewalk bistro-style tables are full of Tel Avivi’s drinking a glass of wine or snacking on carpaccio and salmon tartare. The indoor space turns into a live music bar as the night progresses with great bands and DJs.

Rothschild 12 Tel Aviv Restaurant
HaBasta – HaShomer 4

HaBasta is located just steps away from Carmel Market with outdoor seating and an extensive wine list. The menu changes daily and diners can expect a menu full “market fresh” vegetables, meat and fish.

HaBasta Restaurant Tel Aviv Restaurants

Bar A’ Vin – Rothschild 7

With a French-bistro style menu, diverse wine list and outdoor and indoor seating, Bar A Vin is a go-to spot for lovers of Parisian dining.

Bar A Vin Tel Aviv Restaurants


Joz Ve Loz  Gvulot 5

An eclectic and intimate space with candlelight and daily changing menu, Joz Ve Loz is a frequented spot by the who’s-who of Tel Aviv.

Joz ve Loz Tel Aviv Restaurants

Santa Katarina – Har Sinai 2

The bar-restaurant’s contemporary take on Israeli/Mediterranean food has the kitchen sending out dishes like Arabian Ceviche and coal oven pizza with mushrooms, porcini and truffle oil.

Santa Karina Restaurant Tel aviv Restaurants


Hotel MontefioreMontefiore 36

French cuisine with a Vietnamese twist, Hotel Montefiore is a Tel Aviv Restaurant ‘staple’ loved by locals and tourists alike. The restaurant hosts breakfast, lunch and dinner with everything from toasted challah French toast with smoked salmon, to tandoori shrimp.

Hotel Montefiore Tel Aviv Restaurants


OCD – Tirtsa 17 

This Mediterranean-Gastro restaurant offers a fine dining experience comparable to those found in New York and London. Reservations are a must as all guests are served together, with two seatings per evening. The menu consists of 9 courses of tastings and dishes that look as great as they taste.

OCD TEl Aviv Restaurants


Pronto –  Herzl 4

Homemade pastas, fresh sauces and Italian wines adorn the menus of Pronto, Tel Aviv’s very own upscale Italian restaurant.

Pronto Tel Aviv Restaurants


Susu & SonsHerzl 6

Susu & Sons sits at the southern tip of Rothschild Boulevard serving hamburgers with toppings like lamb bacon or lobster. Expect to wait in-line as these burgers are in high demand.

Susu and Sons Tel Aviv Restaurants

Hanoi – Lilienblum 18

Hanoi brings a fresh voice into Tel Aviv’s growing number of East Asian restaurants with a focus on noodles and authentic Vietnamese, Cantonese and Malaysian recipes. The food and restaurant space both have a “street food” vibe and many vegan and vegetable options are available.

Hanoi Restaurant Tel aviv Restaurants

 Bunny Chow TLV  – Yishkan Street 40

South Africans and Israeli’s alike flock to the markets of Tel Aviv to taste Bunny Chow TLV’s authentic “Bunny.” A South African street-style curry made from chicken, beef or veggies served in hollowed out challah rolls. The shop also serves homemade Biltong and pomegranate hot sauce.

BunnyChow Tel Aviv Restaurants