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2019 Dates To Avoid When Planning A Jewish Wedding

One month into 2019 and we are already in full wedding mode. We are so thrilled for all of the newly engaged couples and excited to see all of the unique wedding trends for 2019. As one year comes to an end, we see many couples using the holiday season to get engaged. Mainly because the holidays typically include family gatherings, a lot of emotions and opportunities for amazing and sometimes over the top proposals. Once the chaos of the holidays subsides, the excitement of your engagement begins to die down and that sparkly ring on your finger becomes normal, reality sinks in…


There is a wedding to plan!


First Thing To Do When Planning A Wedding


After you come to terms with the fact that your fairytale wedding day is on the horizon you and your Fiancé will need to check a big thing off your LONG to-do list.


Set the date for the big day!

 We suggest this is the first planning detail to tackle because the date will affect many of the decisions you make. Take for example if you plan a summer, fall or winter wedding, you will choose flowers and table decors etc. that fit that season. You will also have to have a set date before you can start inquiring about venues because they cannot tell you if they can host your wedding without knowing the date.


But what do you do when your culture or religion plays a huge role in weddings? With 365 days in a year could you choose a date that goes against your own culture?


No need to worry!

No need to worry! With so much to do before the big day, we decided to make it easy for you and put all of the important days to consider or avoid in one easy place. Check out these important dates to consider when planning your Jewish wedding.



Jewish Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2019


Avoid Purim: March 20th (from sunset) to March 21th


Avoid From Passover To Shavout: April 19th (from sunset) to June 10th

(2019 Passover is from April 19th  at Sunset to April 27th)

(Shavout is June 8th at Sunset to June 10th)


Avoid 3 Weeks Leading Up To & Including the Fast Of Tisha B’av:  July 19th  (from sunset) – August 11th


Avoid Rosh Hashana: September 29th (from sunset) to October 1st

Avoid Yom Kippur: October 8th (from sunset) to October 9th

Avoid Sukkot: October 13th (from sunset) to October 20th

Avoid Simchat Torah: October 21st (from sunset) to October 22nd


Planning your wedding is one of the most glorious times in your life and should be an experience that you treasure for a lifetime. While you go through the different stages of planning your wedding you may become overwhelmed or need inspiration. Make sure to check out our blog for tons of wedding tips and inspiration.

After all the dust has settled, the magic of your wedding day has been captured on film forever and life gets back to normal send us your favorite photos…we would love to see your fairytale unfold.


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