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2020 Wedding Trends That Will WOW The Un-Wowable Ideas

2020 Wedding Trends That Will WOW The Un-Wowable

With the first part of the 2020 wedding season being interrupted by COVID-19, the fall wedding season is busier than ever before! We’ve identified some completely unique, beautiful and new 2020 wedding trends that we just have to share. Flowers like you have never seen, interactive foods, and statement wedding décor will dominate 2020 weddings and likely Spring 2021 weddings as well. Read on to see a few of our favorites.


Flower Cloud, image by Teneil Kable

Florals are always a large part of weddings. But in 2020 we are seeing some truly creative twists on flower installations. No longer are the flowers just hanging from the ceiling, in 2020 flower clouds are the new luxury wedding trend and we LOVE it! The gorgeous explosions of your favorite flowers hang over your guest’s heads as if they were floating. Talk about Wow wedding décor.


The micro-wedding trend has quickly been building steam and becoming very popular for 2020 weddings. A micro-wedding is typically a smaller more intimate event with all the grand details and decor of a large traditional wedding. Think 40 people or less, this type of soiree is perfect for couples that don’t want a lot of fuss. Just their closest family and friends to celebrate with.


Fault Line Wedding Cake, via One Fab Day

You can’t have a wedding without a cake and in 2020 they are divine. The latest wedding cake trend is called a fault line cake. These oh so sweet delights are made with deliberate cracks around the middle of the cake. Definitely a conversation piece, as they look like pieces of art filled with sprinkles, cookies or flowers to create the “fault line”. We can’t wait to try one ourselves.


Luxury weddings in 2020 are all about lighting and we don’t mean the plain old lighting that is provided in your venue space. Couples are really embracing an interactive type vibe for their 2020 weddings and adding extra lighting is helping out. Change up the feel of your event by adding different types of lighting effects to really showcase your wedding décor.

Fairy lights over the cake table, hanging light installations, LED bars and more. There are tons of options when it comes to adding decorative lighting and it will elevate your wedding in 2020 like nothing else.


Outdoor Reception, via Snippet & Ink

One of our favorite wedding trends in 2020 is the mix of long and round tables together or being creative with the flow of your wedding tables. A beautiful and easy way to create an enjoyable interactive wedding is by creating a winding table set up that snakes through your reception area. Your guests’ will adore the unique and creative display.


If you truly want to WOW your guests and send them home in true awe of your wedding day, then you have to have statement wedding décor. In 2020 and beyond couples are really pulling out all the stops to have unique wedding décor that represents their personalities and styles.

Some examples of 2020 statement wedding décor that we love are neon installations that can double as your altar (that will impress them for sure!), hanging florals over the reception tables, and unique wedding exits.

These types of unexpected wedding elements will take your special day to a level your wedding guests have never experienced before. And the result will be a really unforgettable event.

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