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9 Must-Have Wedding Apps

Wedding planning can seem like a daunting task. The planning process generally begins many months before the big day and, in addition to balancing life and work demands, brides-to-be also need to turn their attention to organizing every detail of their special day in the most efficient and timely way possible.

The good news is that you can, and most definitely should, use technology to your advantage. In today’s world, you can do nearly all the planning for your big day using the Internet. As is the case in nearly all other areas of modern life, wedding planning has been significantly facilitated by the rising number of user-friendly apps and website tools dedicated to easing, or at least curbing, bridal stress.

With so many wedding planning tools out there, how does a confused bride-to-be even know where to start? Here are some technological wedding planning tools which couples are likely to find particularly helpful in the wedding planning process.

The Social Wedding Website – Weduary

Weduary allows couples to build their own customized wedding website, personalizing it from start to finish, from the domain name to their own custom color palette. But one of the main advantages is in how it facilitates its various functions through social networking. Couples can import photos from Facebook, invite guests, and coordinate registry details and RSVPs.

Wedding Registry – WeddingScan

WeddingScan is a wedding registry application which allows couples to register items at stores by scanning a product’s barcode. If a product doesn’t have a barcode, there’s the option of taking a picture of the product and adding a brief description. The novelty is in the fact that couples have only one registry for their guests to refer to, no matter how many different stores they visited to register their wedding registry items.

Online RSVPs – RSVPify

RSVPify provides couples with a welcome way out from the headache of sifting through handwritten RSVPs to create simple, attractive and customized free online RSVPs for their wedding or special event. There is also the option of importing potential guests from the couples’ social networks, email files and Excel sheets. Once a guest list has been generated, couples can design an easy to use seating chart based on vendor floor plans.

Wedding Budget – Wedding Budget Controller

Things add up quickly when planning a wedding. In order to avoid overspending, couples can track and control their wedding expenses as well as get an estimate of costs with the Wedding Budget Controller app, developed by professional wedding planners.

Guest Seating – AllSeated

AllSeated offers couples much needed help, providing exact floor plans to scale, guest lists, and seating arrangements. Couples have the option of importing potential guests from their social networks, email files and Excel sheets. You can use this for most wedding venues in Israel. Once a guest list is generated, couples can design an easy to use seating chart based on vendor floor plans. Event data updates are hosted in a cloud, providing instant access to updates for vendors.

Photo Sharing – WedPics

WedPics is a wedding photo sharing app which allows couples to keep all of their wedding images from friends and family in one place. In addition, couples can turn their digital albums into a printed album via

Photo Sharing App – Wedding Party App

The Wedding Party App collects photos taken by guests at the wedding and organizes them in a “wedding timeline” for invited guests who couldn’t attend. The app also allows wedding attendees to caption photos and leave personal notes which the couple can download after their big day. The photos are added to one big photo album on a private website, which couples can sift through before they’re posted onto any social media platform.

The Dress – Wedding Dress LookBook App The Knot

This app lets brides browse hundreds of wedding dresses according to designer, shape, price range and style and bookmark their favorite dresses. There are also bridesmaids’ dresses and engagement rings to look through.

The Tie – TieRight Necktie App

The TieRight app provides grooms and groomsmen with demonstrations for six of the most popular necktie knots, which can be viewed either head on, or from a top down view.

So, while the entire planning process can still be done the old fashioned way, lucky modern day couples can take advantage of the numerous technological resources now available. Planning a wedding in Israel is now a lot easier thanks to the Start-Up Nation and as new assistance continues to pop up, keep ahead by constantly searching for new recommended platforms. Utilize tech tools to help make the planning process both more streamlined and efficient – the ultimate goal in planning any successful wedding!

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