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9 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

Your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate in an empowering way all that you wish in a way you desire. There are many ways to highlight and personalize your ceremony. Your destination wedding is a unique opportunity to personalize age-old traditions that matter to you and your sweetheart.

Here are some beautiful ways to make a traditional ceremony your own:

1. Walk Your Own Memory Lane

Surprise your guests with an emotional presentation before you and your sweetheart walk down the aisle. While some couples choose to screen these clips during the reception, sharing these memories on before you walk in will foster your guests’ connection with the journey your love has taken before the traditional chuppa ceremony.

2. Create & Print Your Own Program

Take the time to print a program that will include all the information your guests will need when attending your event. Printing a program will assist in personalizing your event and prepare your guests for all the fun they will have.

3. Share Your Centerpieces

Create your own unique centerpieces and allow your guests to keep them. Arrange for a raffle during the reception and allow your guests to keep the centerpieces as a favor to cherish.

4. Mix Your Own Drink

Toast and cheer to your future lifetime partner with your own personalized drink. You may also brand name your own drink, label your bottles and pass along the recipe.

5. Acknowledge Family Traditions

Take the time to research your family tree and identify any traditions you would like to adopt for your own future as a married couple. Share it at your wedding and let your guests know what it means to you.

6. Decorate Your Chuppa

Decorate your own chuppa with elements that matter to you and your sweetheart. Comb through your photos and memories and create a story that you will wed under.

7. Thank Your Friends & Family

Thank your guests by handwriting them special notes and displaying them on your reception tables. Your guests will feel welcome and honored and will get to keep these notes as favors.

8. Put Together Your Own Song or Dance

Entertain your guests by singing together a song you wrote or dancing to a dance you choreographed.

9. Plan A Group Activity To Your Favorite Attraction

Arrange for your guests to share an organized trip to your favorite attraction by hiring a private tour guide. Personalize your special travel day and make it around your wedding themes.

Have fun personalizing your ceremony and contact us for more ideas.

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