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BE Group TLV Supports Leket Israel

Destination weddings in Israel are becoming more and more popular and with so many guests traveling from abroad you must be wondering…what will I do every day while I am there?


Being graced by an opportunity to visit the holy land for a friend or family members wedding is such an amazing opportunity. No matter what country you are coming from this destination wedding in Israel trip would be filled with excitement, anxiety and of course a sense of the unknown. We all know it is not a quick trip so your travel plans probably include an extended stay unlike any vacation you have taken. The pre-wedding events and wedding will fill up a lot of your time but during your downtime you won’t want to stay in your hotel or Air BNB.


A Worthy Cause To Get Behind In Israel While Attending A Destination Event In Israel. 

When you are in Israel for a wedding you will probably want to hit a lot of the “popular” tourist attractions. Places like Jerusalem, Nazareth, The Dead Sea, Bethlehem and Sea of Galilee are usually on the must-see list when visiting Israel.

We understand that there is a certain magic and mystery that surrounds the country of Israel. History and a feeling of overwhelming love and faith is everywhere you look. Dusty roads are filled with wonderful sounds of life. There is an exuberance that emotes from each and every person that lives there that captivates your mind and leaves you in awe.

We get it! Israel is a magical historic place.


But there is more to Israel than history.

How about adding an excursion to your trip that is full of fun activities outside of the normal “tourist” attractions? Something that immerses you in the local culture, filled with excitement and leaves you with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and compassion. The busyness of life usually doesn’t allow time for you to slow down and see opportunities to be the answer to people’s needs. But vacations can!

You see in life we are lucky to experience a lot of feelings; happiness, sadness, stress, love, anxiety etc. But the best one is the feeling of GIVING. Giving to another person unselfishly is the single most rewarding feeling that one can ever experience.

Leket Volunteer on Weddings In Israel

Be Part Of A Legacy In Israel, We Need You!

What better memory than to experience true unselfish giving while in Israel?

We want to introduce you to another part of our culture. Israeli’s are people that are filled with love for our neighbors and compassion for those that struggle, no matter what the struggle is. But no matter how much love and faith we have inside our hearts the fact remains that 21% of Israelis live below the poverty line. That is more than countries such as Mexico, Chile and Turkey. But within the struggle an organization was born that is tackling an making huge impacts on people in need, Leket Israel.

Leket Israel – Rescuing Healthy Food For Israel’s Needy

We invite you to spend one day with your family, friends and wedding guests giving back and we promise it will be the most fun and memorable event on your trip. Leket Israel is a non-profit organization that works to rescue nutritious surplus food and provide it to the needy.

Leket saves food from restaurants and catering halls that would normally be thrown away, picks fruits & vegetables, sorts and packs these fruits and vegetables and feeds people.

It’s genius really! And you can be part of it! How many thousands of tons of food do you think are just trashed every day at restaurants? Why not let the people that don’t have food enjoy it?

Leket Israel has many different volunteer opportunities.

  • You can join in rescuing surplus food from restaurants & catering halls that normally would be thrown away.
  • Immerse yourself in local communities to help harvest fruits and vegetables
  • Sort and pack rescued fruits and vegetables for distribution to non-profit partners

Not into the manual labor type of activities? Leket has you covered! You can volunteer your creative minds and help impoverished Israeli’s by doing what you LOVE.

  • Professional volunteers are needed at the Leket offices. These include translations, photography, graphic design, programming, etc.

Truly a fun and rewarding time spent with local Israeli’s helping a community in need. We bet it will end up being the most enjoyable part of your trip, certainly the most memorable. So visit the tourist destinations, get your fill of history and knowledge but make sure to make a difference too.

Sign up for your volunteer activity today!

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