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Bridal Color Trends For 2018

Pantone Color Institute, the renowned color “makers” who set the standards for what hue is going to become the latest “it” obsession has released their top choices for 2018.
 The winning palette includes 12 colors that are vibrant and bold – unsurprisingly continuing on the wave of avant-garde fashions taking over the runways and style rules going out the window. But what does this mean for bridal? Even more expression! No need to shy away from a love for bright red or even lime green. These colors are meant to make a statement and then some.

The top 12 colors are:

PANTONE 17-1563 Cherry Tomato

PANTONE 18-4043 Palace Blue

PANTONE 17-1514 Ash Rose

PANTONE 14-0121 Nile Green

PANTONE 13-0646 Meadowlark

PANTONE 15-1520 Blooming Dahlia

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet

PANTONE 18-1325 Spiced Apple

PANTONE 14-3207 Pink Lavender

PANTONE 12-2103 Almost Mauve

PANTONE 17-1929 Rapture Rose

PANTONE 13-0550 Lime Punch

Imagine the forthcoming possibilities for bridal color combinations like the ever-feminine mauve, ultra violet, and pink lavender or the unexpected mix of vibrant lime punch and rapture rose brought down to earth with quieter additions of ash rose and nile green. Take inspirational cues from these trend-setting hues and apply them to everything from bouquets and center pieces to unique table settings and decorative accents.


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