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Design Your Destination Ideas

Design Your Destination

Choosing your destination wedding theme is an opportunity to reflect upon what is important to you and your partner. Do you enjoy the outdoors and exploring nature? Want to add more than just fresh flowers to your outdoors wedding reception? Perhaps you are planning an indoor winter wedding and want your guests to feel the freedom and warmth of the great outdoors.

Utilize this unique design technique to make your destination wedding pop. With a little imagination and creativity, you can share your passion for the outdoors with your indoor wedding guests and wow your outdoor wedding guests with your sense of style. Here are some ideas to consider if you wish to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out:

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Walk Down an Aisle of Nature

Create a magical path that symbolizes your commitment to each other. For instance, consider a green runner with decorative elements of nature such as rose petals, ornamental trees and wild branches to enhance your indoor space. Conversely, a red runner with design motifs from an indoor space that best reflects your own traditional taste adds a subtle indoor feel to your outdoor space.

Tree of Life Wishes

Ask your guests to write their wishes on small stationary cards and place them on your decorative tree of life. Your tree symbolizes your new beginning and connects you to those from your past and present that matter most. Your tree will also connect you to nature and you may add festive lighting as desired to enhance the magic and create intimate vibe.

Cozy Corners

Create cozy corners throughout your venue for your guests to enjoy. Use sofas, pillows, carpets, small tables and applicable décor that will bring the indoors out during your reception. For an indoor reception, your guests will enjoy elements from nature framing cozy gathering areas as if in a private garden.

Charming Chuppa

Whether your wedding ceremony is inside or out, design your own charming Chuppa and customize your own beams for a solid and whimsical foundation. Professionally print some of your best photos sharing and enjoying nature and have them printed on your Chuppa. Surround yourself with memorable moments from your past and let it lead the way to your new journey together as a married couple.


Bring the outdoors to your indoor reception tables and let your guests enjoy unique centerpieces with branches, leaves, wild flowers and pine cones. Rocks and seashells can also be used to enhance your indoor reception tables with an outdoor feeling. Bring the indoors out to your reception tables utilizing traditional flowers and candle centerpieces.


Use windows, skylights and doors to allow natural sunlight to illuminate your indoor wedding space. The addition of soft lighting can add a rosy glow to your reception. Outside, consider using decorative floor lamps and backlighting trees and ornamental shrubs. A splash of colored lighting brings an indoor theme to your outdoor space and accentuates the colors chosen for your wedding party.


Utilize any natural water features of your outdoor reception area to the fullest. These areas are attractive in and of themselves so be sure to create gathering areas nearby for your guests to enjoy the treasures of nature. Inside, water fountains, ponds, and ice sculptures should be utilized to insure the free flow of positive energy.

Rocks, Crystals and Sea Shells

Rocks, crystals and shells can easily be part of any design and wedding theme for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They increase the component of magic, nature and peace throughout your reception area and exemplify your spiritual connection to the universe.

Fresh Air and Fragrance

Inside, allow the fresh air to flow freely. Outside, the use of your favorite fragrance and incense partners with the Mediterranean breeze to please all of your guests’ senses. Remember to have fun designing the space for your destination wedding so that the best in you shines forth and check out Instagram for inspiration!


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