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Floral Headpieces By Dany Mizrahi Bridal Fashion

Floral Headpieces By Dany Mizrahi

One of Israel’s most famous wedding dress designers, Dany Mizrachi, is trying his hand at unique bridal accessories, including a new line of glam wedding dresses and headpieces inspired by the 20s. The nostalgic 2019 collection called ‘The Secret Garden’ was showcased at New York Fashion Week, displaying a range of details and vibrant colors.

The floral blooms, expertly crafted and surreal in their beauty, are an unexpected addition to the bridal outfit, but for those looking to make a statement, or just simply don something different and colorful, these headpieces are just the ticket.

Dany Mizrachi has dressed some of Israel’s biggest stars (including Gal Gadot’s three dresses for her own wedding). The designer began his career at the age of 14, ironing garments, and has since grown his company, managing his bridal business both in Israel and the United States, with more than 90 employees.


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