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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Ideas

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

One of the most epic experiences of your life is coming up. It is also a great opportunity to take advantage of having all the people you love in your life all in one spot. So as you get closer to ticking off all of your must have’s and must do’s on that seemingly never ending checklist, here we are to help: we’ve rounded up five unexpectedly cool bachelorette party ideas that are far from the norm, and are sure to be an extra memorable experience for letting loose with your girls – without all the cliches.

For Art Lovers
Why not gather all your special people and get a little creative? Oh So Arty, a local community of international art guides, hosts a range of contemporary art tours customized to your preference and taste. Have a thing for graffiti and street art? Want to gaze around a gallery while indulging on wine and cheese? From Zurich and London to New York and Jerusalem, the in-house globe-trotting guides offer a range of options around the world, honing in on the background, culture and history of various artists and their works. Oh So Arty hosts intimate parties and takes great care in all the details, so you’ll be able to spend quality time with your girls and do something you deeply love.

For a Special Scent
We all love to smell nice, and hosting a “fragrance bachelorette party” will have you and your ladies sniffing and loving every minute of it. Local apothecary and perfumery Zeilinski & Rozen lets you pick and choose, smell and ponder your new signature scent with a range of choice essential oils and expert advice on which ones complement one another. Indulgent creams, candles, soaps and diffusers are also available.

For the Foodies
If you haven’t already tried out an Eatwith meal, you’re in for a serious treat. What began as an Israeli start-up is now a globally-famous site, pairing up people looking to indulge in a delicious, home-cooked meal with inventive cooks who host the experience in the comfort of their own digs. Depending on what kind of food and ambience you’re after, different hosts offer a range of options – from extravagant eight-course tasting menus to rustic farm-to-table ingredients. This kind of “dinner party” is perfect for intimate groups looking to celebrate.

For Adventure Seekers
One of the best parts of Israel is its year-round temperate weather and its dynamic landscapes. Take advantage of the rare combo, grab your besties, and rent a van to road trip from north to south. Take in the Negev’s pristine desert backdrops and pose for some Red Sea selfies, then up to Mt Hermon’s (possible!) snow caps – you can see it all within a day’s drive. Don’t forget to prep a memory-inducing playlist to rock out to for the ultimate bonding experience.

For the Nature Lovers
Sleeping outside under the stars, chatting into the wee hours about life, is just what the bride ordered. For ladies who want the camping experience but still want to feel a bit fancy, there are a host of ‘glamping’ accommodations across Israel, including luxury Bedouin tents, tipis and even yurts.

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