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Gorgeous Bridal Trends For 2018 Ideas

Gorgeous Bridal Trends For 2018

Every season otherworldly wedding dresses traipse down the runways, whetting the appetite of future brides on the hunt for the perfect gown. And every year there are new and interesting trends that take the immediate spotlight. Here are five upcoming looks – all by Israeli designers – that are sure to offer some serious inspiration.


Fantastical, dramatic ruffles are the ultimate element to adding an all-encompassing air of whimsy to any wedding dress. Revel in the sheer fairy-tale of it all and go all out with this stunning trend-of-the-moment.


Bows have long been an ultra-feminine detail for everything from decor to textiles. For 2018, they’re having a moment in all shapes and sizes – and that is part of all the fun.  From flouncy and sweet gathering in the front to transforming an elegant shoulder with an unexpected statement, bows are certainly not a one-trick pony.


For the ladies who love the girly look from head-to-toe, why not swap out the traditional white for the golden-hued rose, the show-stopping fuschia or a whimsical blush tone?


Gone are the weddings where things have to be ‘just so’. Rules fly completely out the window when it comes to modern-day weddings – and wearing a black dress is so clearly becoming the new white – if the catwalk has anything to say about it. The edgy, daring choice will have all the tongues wagging – in the best possible way.


Who doesn’t want to shimmer like an explosion of fireworks on her wedding day? This all-over, magical look is a combination of vintage doyenne and ultra-modern glam.


(Berta 2018 collection in the cover image)

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