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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Pinterest Board

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. There are so many things to think about. Dress, bridal party, décor, flowers, catering, boutonnieres, music – the list goes on and on. It can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you are somebody who doesn’t really know what they want. Cue Pinterest – your ultimate source of wedding inspiration!

Now we know you don’t need another thing to add to your list, so we are making it simple. Here’s our guide to quickly and easily set up the perfect wedding Pinterest board, providing you with endless inspo that will aid in your wedding planning process.

  1. Create an account and boards

Firstly, sign up to Pinterest. This only takes a minute and requires all of the usual details. Just like with other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you can connect with people through your contact lists. This means your friends will probably see that you have joined and start following you. It’s a great way to connect and share ideas, but you don’t necessarily want to be displaying your wedding concepts for all to see. To prevent this from happening, create some ‘secret boards’ as soon as you join. These will be kept private rather than being shared with your network.

  1. Begin following people, businesses and blogs

Now the fun part – it’s time to decide who you want to follow. Try not to be too liberal with your follows as this will result in an overwhelming feed that can be difficult to navigate. Instead, choose to follow wedding sites and suppliers that you truly connect with. The only way Pinterest is going to be helpful to your wedding planning process is if you choose accounts that are going to be genuinely useful.

  1. Start Pinning!

Once you are set up and ready to go, it’s time to start Pinning! We recommend creating a general wedding board that you can use to pin anything you like. That way you can collect inspiration with no restrictions. Simply have a scroll and see what appeals to you. Consider this like an initial brainstorming task.

As mentioned above, it is worthwhile considering secret boards to prevent your followers from seeing your wedding ideas. There is also a ‘shared board’ feature which is perfect for wedding planning. After you’ve created some secret boards for yourself, you can decide to share boards with your partner, bridal party or wedding planner to easily exchange ideas.

  1. Organize your boards

As you move throughout the wedding planning process, you will need to get more targeted in your approach. Begin creating boards that are specific to different elements of the wedding – color palette, ceremony décor, bridal hairstyles and so on. Unlike at the beginning, you won’t just be pinning anything you like. The things you decide to save should be relevant to your wedding and the decisions you continue to make. Delete anything that no longer suits your vision.

An image speaks a thousand words, so a whole Pinterest board of them is pretty powerful. When you’ve finished Pinning, use your boards to communicate your vision to different suppliers. For instance, a collection of hairstyles can be extremely effective when talking to your hairstylist and describing the look you want for your big day. Similarly, a reception décor board can be used to show the venue the exact theme you would like for your celebration.

It can be difficult to convey the vision in your mind, but the use of Pinterest boards makes this a whole lot simpler. Try out these steps to create your own perfect wedding Pinterest board and make the planning that bit easier!

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