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How To Include Your Siblings & Friends In Your Wedding Planning

Your wedding is a time of joy, celebration, and unity. It is also a perfect opportunity to both gather and honor your best of friends and siblings in special ways. Beyond the traditional privilege of including them in your wedding party, here are some ideas for ways to include your siblings and friends in planning for your big day.

A Foundation

In the Jewish tradition, the Huppah represents your new home. Honor this beautiful symbolic tradition by selecting four of your siblings and friends to hold the Huppah poles. Explain to them that they are the special guests whom you want as part of your solid foundation for your new home and new life.

Another creative way to include even more friends in the process is to design a special Huppah. It can reflect your personality, your background, or your dreams for your future together. You may want to  incorporate photos from your past together as a couple (including your siblings and friends) as well as inspirational quotes (or wished from your family) for your future together.

Your personalized Huppah will impress and touch your guests as they take part in your new foundation for your future life and growth.

A Journey

Walking down the aisle on your big day is another excellent opportunity to acknowledge those who are dearest and closet to your heart.

Any combination (pairs, threesomes, and at times including kids) of close siblings and friends can walk down the aisle before the bride. You can make their journey down your aisle more meaningful by having your DJ announce their relations to you or sharing a memory to explain how meaningful they are to you.

Also consider asking your siblings and friends to walk other family members down the aisle (grandparents, for example).

A Stand

While some couples prefer to stand alone together under the Huppah, others invite their parents, and others still are joined by siblings and special guests. They can hold the ring, the glass of wine, the talit, or any other items that are needed for the ceremony and can also be invited to read blessings.

A Toast

Honor your siblings and friends by asking them to speak at your reception. They can toast to your future as a couple and share memories from your past.

A Helping Hand

Don’t forget to let your siblings and friends help you on your big day. Consider their talents, input and interests with the following:

  • Selecting some of the music for your event
  • Picking out some of your wedding themes, colors, and even help in shopping for your dress (after all, they know you best)
  • Helping you design your reception tables and seating arrangements
  • Plan trips around Israel for your overseas guests
  • Assist with planning your rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding events and parties
  • Make suggestions on your flowers, centerpieces, and wedding favors
  • Take pictures and be in charge of live tweeting your wedding on social media
  • Share their special talent (performing, singing, dancing, writing and reading) on your big day
  • Host pre-wedding events like a bachelorette party for friends of the bridge and bachelor party for the groom’s
  • Help you hand-write and mail the invitations (make it a girls night out if you want to add fun)

Whatever unique ways you choose to honor your siblings and friends with planning for your special day, always remember to be yourself and be open to fun and creativity. If you need help, contact us for more suggestions. We will make sure that you are surrounded with all that you need to plan well and continue to maintain your strong friendships and connections for your new life ahead.

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