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How To Stay In Shape While Planning A Wedding Wedding Advice

How To Stay In Shape While Planning A Wedding

A luxurious wedding is one of the most blissful events in life, but planning it sometimes causes couples stress. Though it is not always simple to navigate all you have going in your life and plan for your big day, it is totally possible (and easier than you think).

You will be, look, and feel your best on your wedding day; and it will not require massive effort. Incorporate these ideas into your daily routine to help you stay in great shape on your big day and beyond:

Imagine and connect to your stunning self

Envision your stunning self on your wedding day and take the time to create a vision board full of your favorite images and desires. This will help you remember how you want to be and what you want to look like on your wedding day. Include as many photos and images that inspire you, then share your vision with others so that they will hold you accountable and help you achieve your goals.

Develop a realistic exercise plan and start early

Consider your favorite athletic activity. Do you enjoy jogging and running? Would you rather attend a spinning class at the local gym?

Identify an activity (or several) of interest and make a commitment to 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Remember that it is better to start slow and increase your pace and time as you go along. The earlier you start working out before the wedding, the more time you will have to enjoy the benefits of your new exercise routine.

If you would rather work out with a friend, try to pick one from your bridal party and multi-task! Use the time together to talk about the event. Or work out with your sweetheart. The quality time together will help you brainstorm about the wedding, reduce some stress, and rejuvenate.

Make healthier choices

Remember to nourish your body with foods that are rich in protein, lots of vegetables and fruits, and drink plenty of water. Keep lots of healthy snacks handy (granola bars, apples, carrots, and trail mixes) that will help you avoid sweets and overloading on carbs. The better you will eat, the better you will feel.

Sign up for some local races

Gather your bridal party and sign up for a local race. Train together for a local 5K and make a difference by raising money for your favorite charity. Training together with your best of friends is a healthy choice and will keep all of you in great shape and connected and your happiness. A fit bridal party can dance longer, celebrate harder, and look amazing in the wedding photos!

Monitor yourself

Thanks to the wide variety of wearable technology available, you can easily use a wristband that will track your daily steps, heart rate and workout routine. Note your achievements as you progress toward your desired goals and reward yourself when you get there.

You can also count your calories daily with a variety of apps.

Organize a tournament

As part of your pre-wedding activities, organize a tournament for all of your friends. You will be able to spend the day working out and feeling good together. Later, you can make it into a tradition for your group in the years to come.

Hike and walk

Hike your favorite trails and walk on your favorite local beaches on a regular basis. It will help clear your head and relax when preparing for your big day.

Whatever healthy choices you decide to take on when planning for your wedding while keeping in shape, please remember to have fun and be safe. For more ideas or for extra support, contact us.

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