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How To Use Technology To Make Your Wedding Luxurious & Memorable

Technology is used in all walks of life to create things that were previously impossible. When it comes to your wedding, there are all sorts of technological advancements that did not exist a generation ago, which can now help you create elegant memories.

Utilize technology for guest communication

Start taking advantage of technology in the planning stages. By collecting your guest’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses, you will be able to:

    • Send individual and group messages and keep in communication with your guests about:
      • RSVPs
      • Information about events you are hosting before the wedding
      • Help them organize their trip

Remember to connect to your wedding theme so your guests will experience how special your event is going to be before even getting there. This is a great opportunity to make each guest feel comfortable. Remember that luxury is about comfort and enjoyment, so use technology to create exactly that.

  • Contact your guests to involve them in gathering photos and videos of you and your sweetheart for presentations, invitations, and albums you create. Involving them in the process creates a shared experience they (and you!) will remember forever. Into your shared creation, infuse special memories and events, or add significant music and quotes, so that your message will be immortalized for generations.
  • Recruit the techies to help! Involve guests who are interested in helping and have a passion for technology. Ask them for ideas and politely give them assignments (taking photos, live tweeting, or operating tech devices on your wedding day).
Big day heart monitoring

Does your heart rate race when you are excited or nervous? Thanks to wearable technology, you can now wear a wristband to monitor your heart rate during your big day. In Israel you will be able to find many jewelers that will be able to design unique jewelry that will fit whatever bracelet you will like to wear. Your high tech device will look just as awesome as you and will match the rest of your bridal attire.

Then, you can share your excitement with your guests in a video like this.

Selfie sticks for memory-making

A few selfie sticks (possibly operated by your techie friends recruited above) will capture unforgettable moments. Wedding photographers will make amazing images, but you will be surprised by the images your friends will capture in the height of their excitement and partying.

Offer Charging Stations

Comfort and enjoyment means anticipating what your guests will need (and want) during your event. A power strip and a nicely planned and decorated table can become a charging station. Make it beautiful and inviting. Add framed reminders to encourage your guests to take pictures, blog, and even live-post social media (include a personal wedding hashtag!).


Live broadcasts aren’t just for the Oscars and the Space Station. Set up special equipment that will record your wedding and allow overseas guests that could not attend to be included in your event.

Toast online

Invite your guests to record their special blessing to you (or a fun memory from their own wedding) to be included in your wedding video. Guests that cannot attend can also participate by hashtagging their videos to you online.

Prepare, plan, and practice

When it comes to technology on your wedding day, take the time to prepare your equipment, you’re your timing, and practice ahead of the big day. Remember to:

  • Test your devices, power sources, and backup plans
  • Choose your tech support team ahead of time
  • Have fun and let your friends surprise you with unforgettable shots and clips.

Whatever technology trends you decide to include at your wedding, always remember to have fun and be safe (encourage your guests to use a taxi app to get back safely). Contact us for more information – we will make sure that you are surrounded with all the tech support you need and that your wedding will be a luxurious memory for you and all of your guests.

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