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Last Minute Wedding To-Do List

Your big day will approach faster than you can imagine. As it gets closer, in addition to the excitement and enthusiasm you feel, you may also get a bit anxious and overwhelmed. No need for alarm. There are many strategies to keeping calm.

To avoid the panic and stress, maintain a to-do check list. Creating and keeping a comprehensive to-do checklist for the week before the wedding will help you stay organized and calm. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your to-do list accurate (and yourself relaxed) during the last week before the wedding.

  • Take the time to reach out to each of your vendors and confirm that they still have you all booked and covered as planned.
  • Take the time to communicate how many guests you are expecting and how many tables will be need. Allow for extra tables (for last minute guests, which can be common in Israel).
  • Ensure that your fresh flowers, centerpieces, table linens and other related items will be delivered on time to the right address in the correct colors of your choice.
  • Check the menu one last time to make sure all you selected will be served in the order you wish.
  • Make sure the photographer knows what your preferences are and where you are meeting before the ceremony for family pictures.
  • Confirm with your DJ and all your tech support staff that they have you covered (and make sure you have a charging station for electronics). Put together a list of your favorite tunes and pass it along to the DJ the week before the wedding so he or she can be prepped in advance.
  • Make sure your Rabbi knows your exact service time to avoid delays (if you want a sunset wedding, you have to time it perfectly).
  • Check your bank account (or credit card) balance and make sure you have enough to cover your expected expenses.
  • Contact your financial institutions to let them know where you will be in case they need you and what to do in case some problems may occur.
  • If any of your family members are helping you pay for your wedding make sure they remember to do so and thank them.
Tie Loose Ends at Work

Take care of any big projects or assignments in advance so that you don’t have a to-do list of work tasks lingering. Work distractions are obviously the last thing you want to be thinking about, so be sure to plan for this as much in advance as possible.

Getting there
  • Check that the roads to your event will be open and no construction is scheduled for that day. In case something is planned, notify your guests and find alternate routes (and allow enough commute time).
  • Check the forecast in advance and do not hesitate to notify your guests in case your plans are changing.
  • Be prepared and don’t let Mother Nature surprise you with rain or intense humidity.
Emergency Kit
  • Pack an emergency kit with hair products, contact lens solutions, extra shoes and hosiery, nail polish, change of clothing, bobby pins, makeup, cell battery, tissues, and anything else you think you may need.
Check for Fit
  • Try on all of your wedding day clothing and accessories and remind your sweetheart and wedding party to do the same. Make sure all accessories and shoes still fit and match as desired.
Ceremonial Gear
  • Assign someone to be responsible for any items needed for the ceremony (i.e., rings, glass to break).
  • Verify all required legal documents. Make sure your marriage license (Ketuba in Hebrew) is in order and assign someone to keep track of it on the day-of to ensure it’s at the venue and ready to be signed.
Assignment reminders
  • Delegate as much as you can to those you trust most.
  • Choose a family member to collect the card box, any wedding gifts that guests brought, and any decorations you may want to keep and take them home for you. Also assign a reliable friend or family member to take care of any fun social media accounts like testing out your Snapchat filter on the day of, or encouraging guests to use your wedding hashtag on Instagram.
  • Remind your bridal party, friends and family of their assigned duties for the big day.
  • Take the time to also thank them in advance.
  • Don’t forget yourself and your sweetheart.
  • Plan something fun you enjoy. Take a walk on the beach, go to the movies, or book a massage at your favorite spa.
Take Care of Yourself
  • Remember to eat and sleep well the week before your wedding. You will need all the energy you can get.
  • Make sure all your hair, wax, nails and other beauty appointments are scheduled for you and your wedding party friends.
Take Care of your Guests
  • Check on the hotel reservations for your out-of-town guests and help them if needed.
  • Arrange for someone to check on them daily and make sure they know how to get to your event on time.
Check Things Off As You Complete Them

Enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with checking off as many items off your to-do list before the big day. If you need help along the way, contact us for more information and ideas.




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