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Planning An Event In Six Steps

Do you need to plan an event but are currently feeling a bit overwhelmed? Planning an event can be a stressful process, regardless of whether it is for a small or large group. There are so many tasks to be completed in the preparation phase and endless details to be considered to ensure all of your guests have a great time. With a never-ending to-do list, where do you start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a guide to planning a successful event in six steps.

Know Your Budget
The first thing you should do is work out your budget. Finances can play a huge role in event planning and what you can or cannot afford. Set the value at the beginning so that you know what you’re working with, then make sure you stay within its restrictions.

Know Your Guests
What is the event and who will be attending? Keep your guests in mind throughout the entire event planning process to ensure you are catering to their tastes and demands. By keeping focused on your attendees, you will make sure all elements of the event are aimed towards them and won’t stray from the overall vibe.

Find A Venue
This is a critical part of any event – a venue can be a make or break factor. Look for a venue that suits the number of guests (you don’t want people crammed in like sardines or floating around in a seemingly empty room), matches the overall aesthetic theme of the event and also provides the facilities that you require (microphone, projector, DJ, etc.).

Decide On Catering
Food is another factor that can have a significant impact on the success, or lack thereof, of your event. When booking a caterer, consider your event and what food will work best. Is it a formal event that will require a sit-down meal? Is it more casual, and therefore will finger food work better as it allows people to mingle? Once you’ve decided on the type of food, source quotes from a range of providers and, if possible, seek references to make sure that guests have enjoyed their experience with the company. You want people to be raving about the food!

Book Entertainment And Other Vendors
Make a list of other requirements for the event and work through it. Do you need a DJ or an MC? Does the venue offer all of the technology that you require? Will you be hiring a photo booth? What sort of decorations or flowers will you be requiring? These details will depend on the specifics of your event and what exactly it is for.

Invite Your Guests
Once you’ve got all the details locked in, particularly the venue so that you have a specific date and time, it’s time to invite your guests! Make sure to include details like time, place and dress code to reduce the number of questions you will be asked.

Event planning can be challenging but the key is organization. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, make a timeline to ensure everything gets completed when it needs to. It might be stressful in the lead-up, however executing a successful event is extremely rewarding.

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