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Private Villa Weddings, Pros & Cons

Have you been dreaming of a luxury destination wedding? A private villa wedding might be exactly what you’re looking for! Whether you are hoping for a stunning beach backdrop in Bali or an impressive setting of rolling hills in Tuscany, a private villa can be the perfect way to create a memorable experience in a beautiful destination.

Still undecided? We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of private villa weddings so you can decide if this luxury option is right for you.


  • Entire Space Just For You

Unlike venues, where you might only be able to book the designated event space, here you will have the entire villa to yourself! This means you will have the privacy to create a truly intimate space for you and your guests to enjoy.

  • Event Team

When choosing your luxury villa, make sure to hire an event team to help with set-up and pack-up and make your vision to come to life! More hands-on-deck will allow you to relax in the lead up to your big day.

  • Excellent Views & Atmosphere

If you value a good view, a private villa is hard to beat. They’re typically set in gorgeous locations that will create a unique experience for your guests. A great setting goes a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere!

  • Accommodation

When you hire a villa, you get a wedding venue and accommodation in one! This takes away the stress of trying to find accommodation and also means you won’t have to worry about transport on the day.

  • Sharing is Caring!

There’s no denying that luxury villas are on the pricier side when it comes to wedding venues. Share the accommodation with your bridal party, family and friends, can not only provide a wonderful bonding experience, especially for destination weddings, but also help bring costs down.

  • Great Luxury Option

A private villa is the ultimate way to add extravagance to your luxury wedding. It’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!



  • Other Villas Nearby

Despite many villas being advertised as private, it is quite common for them to have nearby neighbors. This means that your private, intimate wedding can potentially be interrupted by other guests as they enjoy their holiday.

  • Set-Up & Pack-Up Require Careful Organization

When booking your stay, make sure to factor in set-up and pack-up times. Your relaxing vacation in your villa should not be interrupted when teams of people begin setting up for your big day. The same goes for when you’re recovering the day after!

  • Expensive

There’s no getting around this point – private villas are expensive. That being said, planning a luxury wedding often comes with a luxury price-tag, private villa or not. As mentioned above, it is possible to somewhat offset the cost by inviting friends and family to stay with you and splitting accommodation costs. However, you will be required to hire furniture and decorations, which will increase the price over and above the rental fee.

  • Properties Can Be Deceiving

We’ve all been taught ‘never to judge a book by it’s cover’ and this lesson couldn’t be more applicable when choosing a private villa for a wedding venue. Keep in mind that photos can be deceiving so even if a villa looks like the ultimate luxury venue, it may be run down and disappointing in person. Whilst it’s recommended to check out villa contenders yourself, if you can’t get there (perhaps because it’s halfway around the world) make sure to ask your event planning service to conduct an on-site inspection of the location. Reading reviews and thoroughly checking through background information from reliable sources is also helpful.


Other Considerations When Booking A Private Villa For Your Wedding

In the case of private villa weddings, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Chances are you’ll get an intimate, private space in a beautiful setting, and be able to create a magical, memorable experience for you and your guests.

The reality is that most of the cons can be addressed with thorough preparation and planning.

  • Make sure to do your research properly and arrange an in person visit to the property (either yourself or through your planners) to ensure it is what you’re looking for.
  • Always be clear on what the package includes so there are no unexpected costs or planning issues. This should include a break down of wedding and accommodation costs so you know exactly where your money is going.
  • Check time-frames for pack-up and set-up so you don’t get a shock when people start invading your tranquil villa to prepare for your big day.
  • Finally, be sure to confirm everything that you need to hire. Typically, the villa price is purely for the venue and you will be required to hire everything from chairs and tables to cutlery and decorations. These are definitely things you’ll want to factor into your budget.

A private villa wedding can be the perfect way to combine luxury and destination. Regardless of where you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable time!


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