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Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist

If there was ever a time to put your best face forward you’re wedding would be it! Although your wedding may only last a couple of hours, your wedding pictures will last a lifetime. That’s why we asked Mel from MakeUp MakeUp to share her top tips on how to truly shine on your wedding day (without the actual shine)!

Where to Begin?

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Start with the basics- understanding your makeup style. Browse magazines, search online, and be sure to save makeup styles you naturally gravitate towards. Try to highlight women with similar hair color, bone structure and skin tone for a smoother translation. These will be crucial for your first meeting with any potential makeup artist. Already have a dress in mind? A hairstyle? Even better! Add photos of your dress, hairstyle, and wedding colors to help your makeup artist truly complete the ultimate make-up look on your wedding day.

Beauty Bootcamp

Consider starting a beauty regiment approximately 3 months before your wedding to whip your skin into shape. Think about starting treatments with a cosmetician to ensure you get the maximum out of your wedding day look.

Finding the Make-Up Artist for You!

Start Early. Makeup artists may get book up to a year advance, so try to book as soon as possible.

Background Check. Word of mouth is always a great way to hear about makeup artists. Ask your friends and get recommendations if possible. Most importantly, make sure to check out your artists portfolio (of real brides, not models), to make sure you like their work.

Good Connection. More than a makeup artist, like the person! As you will be spending a lot of time on your wedding day with your makeup artist, find someone you feel comfortable with.

Flexibility. As commuting on your wedding day may be stressful and time consuming, find a makeup artist who can accommodate you at your home/hotel. (Also note additional costs for travel time)

Price. It’s never a good idea to compromise on your hair and makeup budget for your big day. A cheaper makeup artist generally means less experienced. Its important to find an artist you trust and have confidence in!

Makeup Trial. At your makeup trial, take note of the lipstick and powder your artist has used and buy it for any minor touch-ups.

On Your Wedding Day

Plan your pre-wedding prep time carefully, scheduling each person a fixed appointment. Allocate at least 30 minutes for your bridal party and about an hour for you.

Check-List – Questions to ask your Make-Up Artist:

  1. How long have you been doing bridal makeup? Where have you worked? Make sure your makeup artist has experience specifically with brides.
  2. Will you be bringing your own makeup, equipment and supplies?
  3. Do you offer trial makeup and are there additional costs for false lashes, travel etc?
  4. What’s the total cost of a makeup trial? Each makeup artist is different. Most makeup artists charge a fixed price, regardless of whether you hire them or not, which is then added on to the overall cost.
  5. What does the makeup trial include? A good way of trying a few different looks in your trial is to start simple and gradually go more dramatic, stopping wherever you feel happy with the look. Make sure you try out a few different things.
  6. When are you available for a trial? Where will the trial take place? If you are able to arrange this, try to get your hair trial done following your makeup trial so that you can accurately assess the overall result.
  7. Can you do my bridesmaids / sisters / friends / mum too? Make sure you know prices per head as costs easily mount up. Find out if you are able to receive a package, which includes you and the additional women. Find out whether your makeup artist has an assistant they’re able to bring along on the wedding day if necessary
  8. Do you require a deposit to reserve my wedding date? What is the cost and when is the final balance due?
  9. What is your cancellation policy?
  10. What products and brands do you use? Make sure they’re brand names you recognize as being good and are not allergic to. If you have sensitive skin and your makeup artist recommends something new, have a patch test done on a small part of your face and see how it works. Or if you would like to use special products, for example, vegan-friendly products or those that have not been animal tested, tell your makeup artist about this early on.
  11. Will you agree to use some of my own products?
  12. Do you offer airbrush makeup?
  13. Are you available later on in the evening for touch-ups for lipstick, powder etc.?
  14. Will you travel to my location? If so, what are the additional charges?
  15. What happens if you can’t make it on the day for any reason? Will you be able to send me a replacement? If so, who will this be?
  16. Will you agree to confirm all of the agreed details in a signed contract?

Melanie Bueno from MakeUp MakeUp is a London-based makeup artist who has been specializing in bridal makeup for 13 years. Melanie trained at the London College of Fashion and has worked for top companies including Chanel and Mac. She is currently working in Israel both freelance and for a leading bridal salon.

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