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Questions To Ask Your Venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is a major decision. You’ll want to approach this with care, researching the options and their suitability to your needs, both those you’re presently aware of, as well as those which may be likely to arise in the future. We’ve laid out 20 questions to ask your shortlisted venues and set you on the way to choosing the perfect venue for your special day.

  1. Is my wedding date available?
  2. Is the venue suitable for my number of guests?
  3. What are the seating options for my number of guests?
  4. What are the service options for my number of guests?
  5. How much is the venue fee? Does this include VAT?
  6. What exactly does the venue fee include? Options can range from space rental to an all-inclusive option (venue, catering, bar etc.)
  7. What are the payment terms and available forms of payment for the venue fee?
  8. What is the cancellation policy?
  9. What’s excluded from the venue fee?
  10. Does the venue hold a valid license as well as up-to-date insurance?
  11. What parking options are available for my guests?
  12. Can we rent parking spaces? If parking options are located a distance away from the venue, is there a shuttle option to the venue and how much does this cost?
  13. If we hold the ceremony and reception outdoors, is there an indoor option should the weather be bad?
  14. Does the venue use an in-house catering and bar service or is this provided by external vendors? If so, which ones?
  15. May I see catering and bar menus prior to signing the venue agreement?
  16. Will I be able to choose my additional vendors freely?
  17. What are the restrictions imposed by the venue on the use of the space (for example, hanging arrangements or fireworks)?
  18. Are there any noise restrictions? If so, how do these restrictions differ in the indoor and outdoor areas?
  19. Is there a bridal room and groom’s suite available for use?
  20. If not, is there a private space we will be able to use?

Once you’ve selected your venue, you can move on to other exciting planning decisions, having this choice provide a framework for the decisions to follow.


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