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Spotlight On: Zahavit Tshuba Bridal Fashion

Spotlight On: Zahavit Tshuba

Israeli designer Zehavit Tshuba was immersed in the textile and fashion business from a very young age, where she learned and absorbed the tricks of the trade first hand, from her parents. She was inspired by her father’s career as a diamond cutter, and she spent close to a decade in the diamond industry while studying gemology and designing fine jewelry for her close circle of acquaintances. Zahavit progressively evolved her talents to combine both realms of garments and jewelry, creating new and bold statements in fashion.

Her latest bridal collection, called Nostalgia is a complementary mix of boho chic ruffles, flouncy sparkling bodices, and tulle accented with Tshuba’s signature gem- and diamond-studded jewels.

Her work includes unique, one-of-a-kind bridal gowns and each bride can customize her own look. The Sivan dress (above) sparkles with a dark gold bodysuit, detachable shoulders straps, a two-tone ball gown skirt.

The Jana dress (above) is a two-piece dress including a gold bodysuit with handmade tulle and large ruffled shoulders. The dramatic skirt is a layered gold and ivory tulle fashioned into a ball cut gown and expertly lined for comfort.

See all of her collections here

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