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Go Green At Your Destination Wedding

Your wedding is an opportunity to express some of your values and beliefs. It is an event that can reflect who you are and what you stand for. Incorporating green elements into your destination wedding can add a love and appreciation for nature to your wedding. Here are some tips on going green that will make your destination wedding even more unique, environmentally-responsible, and meaningful:

Green Skies and Seas

When choosing to celebrate your big day in nature, under the beautiful blue skies or along the Mediterranean, you are simply going green. You are enjoying Mother Nature at her best. The magical sunsets, the white sand beaches, and the trip of a lifetime with all of its impressions and memories will always remain a special memory in the minds and heart of your guests.

Going green and letting nature in will inspire your guests beyond your wedding day as they tour Israel and enjoy thousands of years of significant history and natural wonders beyond belief.

Growing Green Trees

Honoring nature by planting trees in Israel is an activity your guests will remember forever. You can either physically take an outing to plant together or donate to an organization that will do so on your behalf.

Either way, you will increase the number of trees in the Holy Land. There are many organizations in Israel that will be thrilled to receive such a generous green contribution. Your DJ can also acknowledge the donation publically during your reception.

Green Charities

In lieu of gifts (or in addition to them), you may suggest that your guests contribute to your favorite green charities ahead of time. That will save you from carrying heavy gifts back home from your destination wedding. Your favorite charities will appreciate your contribution and your guests will feel part of a bigger cause.

Green Clothing

Encourage your guests and wedding party to wear gently used and pre-owned outfits and consider a vintage wedding theme. Your guests might have more fun enjoying less formal attire and benefit from the reduced cost of buying new outfits just for one event.

Green Centerpieces

For your centerpieces, consider using fresh local flowers, vintage frames, and other decorations that will not require a major expense.

You could also make your own green and blue centerpieces with your wedding party as a fun activity before the wedding. Take time to collect shells and rocks and design your own natural magic.

Green Decor

Shells, branches, stones, pine cones, sand, and rocks are elements of natural decor that easily add a green touch to your wedding.

Green Invitations

Save on paper and use e-mails and texts for your wedding invitation and communication….or use recycled paper for mailed correspondence.

Green Food

Ask your vendors to produce less waste by not using paper goods.

Green Transport

Encourage your guests to carpool on your wedding day.

Green Favors

Consider gifting your guests plantable seeds like these or potted succulents like these as wedding favors. Always encourage your guests to donate any favors they do not use and are willing to give away.

Have fun planning your green wedding and enjoy a lifetime of more green and eco-friendly choices. Remember that your day is all about reflecting your values and contributing to what matters most to you and your sweetheart. Contact us for more ideas.


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