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Top Reasons For Having A Destination Wedding

Having everyone you love on vacation with you and getting to marry your favorite person on Earth? Your heart could burst just thinking about the full-on fun fest. Destination weddings are all that and more. Here are the top reasons to go ahead and have the wedding you are dreaming about.

1. It’s a Built-In Vacay

Of course, you’ll be having appointments and arranging things here and there, but it you plan it properly, your destination wedding can (and should!) double as the ultimate holiday for you and your soon-to-be spouse – and not to mention all of your guests. Since you are required to plan everything way ahead, booking everything in advance gives you the free time and peace of mind to really breathe in all of the precious moments before the big day, while also getting to discover and rediscover your chosen destination as man and wife.

2. There is a Freedom in Being ‘Away’

With the free-wheeling adventure aspect and actual distance between home and your destination, there is an inherent freedom that comes with destination weddings; you can make your event exactly the way you envision it to be without having to explain away every decision. Aren’t feeling the whole bridesmaids situation? Let your girlfriends collectively breathe a sigh of relief when you tell them they can wear anything their hearts desire. Don’t care for a multiple-tiered wedding cake? Opt for a dessert buffet of delectable treats instead and the only thing you’ll notice is how excited guests are to try out the eclairs, cheesecake, and truffles. Family traditions and cultural norms are easier to ignore (should you want to) at destination weddings and guests and demanding family members are often less involved in the planning, which makes it easier to do exactly what you want.

3. Expenses Are Allocated and Justified in a Different Way

Depending on where and during what season, wedding expenses can be drastically different than in your hometown. In Israel, for example, the price of a wedding venue can shift with your wedding date on any given week day. It is not uncommon to have a wedding on a Tuesday night, for instance – but Thursday evenings (the beginning of the weekend) are in the highest demand. Certain discrepancies like this can make a vast difference financially, and if you are planning a long weekend of festivities, they are key to take into account. They also even may be factors that enable you to have a weekend long celebration as opposed to a one day/evening affair.

4. Extra Quality Time

At your typical wedding, you’re on the clock to greet and shmooze with everybody. But, like we said before, destination weddings are in vacation mode. Guests trickle in a day or even three ahead of time and hopefully make an even longer trip out of their stay after your nuptials. That means you’ve got extra days to spend seriously quality time with your loved ones. The extra cherry on top? You’ll be doing it in an exotic place where (hopefully) no one has to work or rush to and from anywhere, and everyone can just have the ultimate vacation, while experiencing it all together. It doesn’t get better than that.

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