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Ways To Make A Big Wedding Feel Intimate

Though big weddings are common in Israel, if your heart is set on a personal affair, you can have the best of both worlds. Here are some ways that can make your big wedding feel small and intimate.

Create an Intimate Ambiance

Candles can add a feeling of intimacy to an evening wedding. They can be used on each dining table, along your aisle and all around the reception area. Match your candles to your wedding colors, styles, and themes. Freely use as many as you need to create the atmosphere you desire. Candles can help create an atmosphere of softness and closeness.

Crystals, customized centerpieces, soft lighting, and other decorative and vintage touches such as photos and customized displays can also help your guests feel at home and in a smaller and more familiar place.

Seat for Success in Smaller Tables

Communal tables work well for seating larger groups, but make it nearly impossible for your guests to easily connect and have long conversations. Seating your guests in smaller-sized round tables promotes conversations and social interactions. Take the time to seat your tables for success and choose your guests seating arrangement carefully so they can best interact.

Personalized escort cards with photos of your guests will make them feel special and appreciated.

Select the Right Music

Music is a great way to bring people together. Your guests will appreciate a customized selection of music and it will help them connect to you and to each other.

Let your DJ or band know which music fits your guests best. The DJ can announce some of your parent’s wedding songs and first dance, songs from your dating days and milestone events in your journey together.  Customizing your music will personalize your event and help create an intimate atmosphere.

Stay Away from Wedding Buffets

Sticking to a sit down meal will help eliminate long buffets lines that are typical at big weddings. Although your guests may like the variety of different foods wedding buffets offer, it will be easier to serve everyone while most guests are sitting down to eat.

Increasing the number of waiters who will wait on your guests (for both the meal and the hors d’oerves) will also assist in creating an intimate feeling and setting.

Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Taking the time to design an intimate ceremony by writing your own vows, selecting your personalized music, inviting your dearest family members and best of friends to contribute will add a touch of intimate connection.

Arranging for extra chairs will assist your guests in seeing your ceremony and being part of it. Standing around the chuppa may feel close but will not necessary promote the space your guests will need to fully appreciate your ceremony.

Lounges for Meaningful Conversations

Lounges can allow your guests to sit down with a drink or an appetizer and have a meaningful conversation with other guests. Lounges can also be additional seating that are less formal and more casual. If you are having an outdoor beach wedding, several lounges that overlook the sea can increase intimacy and closeness on the backdrop of the stunning Mediterranean view.

Enjoy your wedding day as your own intimate celebration – no matter how many guests are there. Please contact us for more information.


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