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Infuse Personality Into A Traditional Wedding

Traditions are a way to honor our heritage and create comfort among our loved ones. They are not (or at least…they do not have to be) boring, stifling, or oppressive. In fact, by infusing a modern flair and some of your own personal touch into age-old wise customs, you will create a traditional wedding that is classy and uniquely yours.

Involve your loved ones

The saying “it takes a village” is often thought of as it relates to raising children. But modern Jews realize that a marriage also requires support and faith from their community. One way to involve friends and family is in the design of the chuppah. Nowhere is the size, shape, decoration, or style of the chuppah decided for us. Its symbolism as the home you create makes it a perfect opportunity to involve your extended family, bridal party, or entire guest list.

Think of your chuppah as a blank canvas and design it in a way that is meaningful to you.

One idea is to send a square of fabric with your wedding invitation and ask that they are returned with the RSVP cards. Ask your guests to write a piece of advice or a favorite prayer for you. Then, sew them all together to create your chuppah. You may also want to consider having photos printed onto fabric of your life together and apart.

Seven personal blessings

Sheva Brachot (the seven blessings) will be said under your (very personal) chuppah, but how about adding seven modern blessings from family members and friends? Honor the people who mean most to you and ask them to prepare a short blessing for your magical day.

A life of togetherness

Many modern couples struggle with some traditions because they feel that they are unfairly gender-biased. If you want to infuse equality into your ceremony, how about both breaking a glass? The tradition of breaking the glass symbolizes the destruction of the Temple or of the horrors the Jewish people have suffered through the ages – why not both take part in this reminder of life’s fragility?

Some say the glass is also a symbol of the sanctity of marriage – as a broken glass can never be truly pieced together. Again, this can be a reminder to anyone getting married – regardless of gender.

Consider each breaking a glass…or perhaps even breaking one together.

Meaningful music

Choosing the music for your traditional wedding is another great way to infuse your personality. Select songs that are special to you for walking up and down the aisle, the first dance, father-daughter dance, and every other special moment.

Dance like no one is watching

And speaking of dancing…how about choreographic a routine as your first dance together?

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